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JHF Committees

Facilities, Equipment & Grounds

Valerie Hall (Chairperson)
Michael Blair
Stephen Spence
Donovan Betancourt
Scenic Campbell
Orville Mc Taggart
Carlton Campbell 

Umpiring & Technical

Larklin Christie (Chairperson)
Colin Prince
Valerie Hall
Richard Wisdom
Audrey Gaynor
Oraine Reid
Richard Shaw 

Public Relations & Marketing

Lloyd Butler
Renardo Brown
Sereana Dunkley
Kareme Hudson
Jonte Johnson
Damion Kelly
Monique Lalor
Lorna Livingston
Melisha Murray
Ricardo Panton
Stephen Spence (Chairman)
Simon Tomlinson
Dinsdale Laing 

Disciplinary Committee

Malike Kellier
Peter Marshall
Michelle Thomas
Major Radcliffe Barrett
Denise Forrest 

Competitions and Fixture (m)

Oshane Hasley
Rudolfo Johnston
Kemar Mitchell
Ricardo Panton
Richard Shaw
Damion Kelly (Chairman)
Richard Wisdom
Radcliffe Barrett
Adrian Cross 

Competitions & Fixture (w)

Patrice Clarke
Tashshieka Green
Kamille Griffiths
Andrea Thomas (Chairman)
Michael Blair* 

Youth & Schools

Mr. Dinsdale Laing (Chairperson)
Mrs. Patricia Castriota
Miss Kamisha Erskine
Miss Kamille Griffiths
Miss Shenice Campbell 


Monique French (Chairman)
Dave Lemard
Gary-Vaughn White
Colin Prince
Edward Wilson
Nadia Smith 

Coaching and Development Committee (Men)

Donald James
Roy Thomas
Eton Knight
Kemar Mitchell
Ochane Haseley
Fabian Stewart
Richard Wisdom
Nicholas Brown

Coaching and Development Committee (Women)

Andrea Hoo Thomas (Chairman)
Donna Mae Crawford
Micheal Daley
Michelle Holt
Patrice Clarke
Fabian Stewart
Kimberly Shaw
Chakira Airey
Christine Bartley 

Selection Committee (Women)

Stephenson (Chairperson)
Colin Prince
Valerie Hall
Christine Bartley
Nicole Bradshaw
Dionne Smallhorne

Selection Committee (Men)

James (Chairperson)
Michael Blair
Nicholas Brown
Ricardo Panton

Competitions Committee (Women)

Carol Hibbert (Chairperson)
Candice Walker
Cascabel Campbell
Kayciha Stenneth
Chakira Airey
Collin Morrison
Demi Nicholson
Ebony McLean
Carla Hewitt
Shana-Kay Tullonge
Richard Wisdom

Competitions Committee (Male)

Rudolph Johnston (Chairperson)
O’dien Williams
Adrian Cross
Navarro Walker
Richard Wisdom
Rahsaan Smith
Orville McTaggart