Tribute – Colin Prince

Colin Prince

Tribute – Colin Prince


Colin PrinceColin Prince was an Accountant by profession and a person that gave a high standard of voluntary ‘service above self’ to the Jamaica Hockey Federation (JHF), its extended hockey family, as well as, the Pan American Hockey Federation (PAHF) for over 40 years. He was a national junior representative, and a foundation member of the Circus Circle Hockey Team. However, he will remembered as an astute, stylish and confident umpire who exhibited exemplary performances at the local and international levels.

Based on his consistent desire to improve and be amongst the best officials in the region, he was awarded his Federation of International Hockey (FIH) Grade 1 Umpire designation at the age of 29 years. His tenure as a Grade 1 umpire and subsequent international exposure allowed him to become one of Jamaica’s most decorated and respected umpires regionally. Based on his well-earned professional reputation, he officiated in some of the largest field hockey festivals and tournaments in the Pan American region. These, inter alia, included a number of Pan American Games (PANAM), Central American and Caribbean Games (CAC), Regional Games and Banks International Festivals in Barbados, until his retirement in 1998.

His umpiring appointments have included:

  • 1998 CAC Games, Venezuela
  • 1995 Panam Games, Argentina (Mar Del Plata)
  • 1991 Panam Games, Cuba
  • 1988 Junior Panam Games, Trinidad
  • 1986 CAC Games, Mexico
  • Banks Festival (Barbados)

Colin’s retirement from international duties as an umpire saw him focusing his attention on the development of the Game and the mentorship of the next generation of Jamaican field hockey umpires. A few under his influence and guidance have embarked on their own international umpiring career as recent as 2018.

While Colin Prince is well known for his achievements as an international umpire, his above average knowledge of other critical levels of the sport were demonstrated by his tenure in coaching and playing at the local level. He was appointed an Assistant Coach of the Jamaica Men’s team to the 2006 CAC Games held in Puerto, and has served as a national selector to several other teams. At the local level with Circus Circle, he was a club captain, as club coach (Circus Circle & the Jamaica Defense Force – JDF), both competition champions during his tenure. He was also involved in many coaching and umpiring seminars, as well as, field hockey outreach programs across Jamaica.

Colin Prince lived a life governed by high moral and ethical standards on and off the hockey pitch. He was always punctual, prepared and very positive in his approach to tasks and challenges. It was easy to appreciate his objectivity and astute umpiring decisions based on his quiet, stoic demeanor and British-style wit. Collin’s quiet confidence is best summed up by a quote from Mohammed Ali: “it’s not bragging if you can back it up.”

The Board of Directors, Jamaica Hockey Federation, Board of Directors of the Barbados Hockey Federation, the President and other senior members of the Pan American Hockey Federation, and our wider hockey family and friends in the region wish to convey our deepest sympathies for the passing of a true stalwart and servant of the field hockey community and a friend to us all.

We are also expressing our condolences to his family and son, Chad Prince, and trust that Colin’s legacy and respect throughout the region will provide some comfort during these difficult times.

Walk Good Our Friend and Rest in Peace