Tribute – Michael ‘little Mike’ Dacosta

Photo of Michael DaCosta

Tribute to 

Michael ‘Little Mike’ Dacosta

From a grateful Jamaica Hockey Federation


Photo of Michael DaCostaSometimes things happen that we aren’t prepared for and that we find especially painful to reckon. Mike’s passing is one such thing to the Jamaica Hockey Federation Family!

Michael was our friend, an ally, a fan, a benefactor & sponsor to the sport of field hockey. All members of the Federation had to do was ask and he would never hesitate.

The close association with the Hockey Family started from 1990 when his Club, Kingston Commissioners started to play football at the Mona Hockey Field, at that time we still had two grass fields back in the days. Mike was no great footballer but he obviously loved to play the game. He would often stay after a game, while having a Heineken at our Mini Bar. For him it was mainly the opportunity to ‘get a run & sweat’ and be a part of the game, even if he only had a few touches of the ball for the entire game.

Over the many years Mike not only assisted the Federation with vehicles from Avis when we were in need but he also built our goal boxes, covered our Technical area, offered his staff & equipment whenever we hosted tournaments, among many other things too numerous to mention. All of this while not asking for any personal recognition except the display of a few Avis advertising Boards at the facility.

Like two ends of the totem pole, Mike’s small stature belies his tremendously huge heart, a heart of determination and kindness. Mike did things for people not because of who they were or what they did in return but because of who he was.

Life teaches us many lessons, we are still trying to figure out this one! He’s simply gone too soon

Walk good Mike, you have been an important part of our lives, a true and dear friend of field hockey and we will miss you greatly….

…..The Jamaica Hockey Federation….