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Tribute – Michael ‘little Mike’ Dacosta

Tribute to 

Michael ‘Little Mike’ Dacosta

From a grateful Jamaica Hockey Federation


Photo of Michael DaCostaSometimes things happen that we aren’t prepared for and that we find especially painful to reckon. Mike’s passing is one such thing to the Jamaica Hockey Federation Family!

Michael was our friend, an ally, a fan, a benefactor & sponsor to the sport of field hockey. All members of the Federation had to do was ask and he would never hesitate.

The close association with the Hockey Family started from 1990 when his Club, Kingston Commissioners started to play football at the Mona Hockey Field, at that time we still had two grass fields back in the days. Mike was no great footballer but he obviously loved to play the game. He would often stay after a game, while having a Heineken at our Mini Bar. For him it was mainly the opportunity to ‘get a run & sweat’ and be a part of the game, even if he only had a few touches of the ball for the entire game.

Over the many years Mike not only assisted the Federation with vehicles from Avis when we were in need but he also built our goal boxes, covered our Technical area, offered his staff & equipment whenever we hosted tournaments, among many other things too numerous to mention. All of this while not asking for any personal recognition except the display of a few Avis advertising Boards at the facility.

Like two ends of the totem pole, Mike’s small stature belies his tremendously huge heart, a heart of determination and kindness. Mike did things for people not because of who they were or what they did in return but because of who he was.

Life teaches us many lessons, we are still trying to figure out this one! He’s simply gone too soon

Walk good Mike, you have been an important part of our lives, a true and dear friend of field hockey and we will miss you greatly….

…..The Jamaica Hockey Federation….

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Tribute – Donald Hugh James

Tribute – Donald Hugh James
“An Iconic & a Once in a Generation Member Of the Field Hockey Fraternity”


If privileged, an individual or group will have the opportunity to interact with a person who may be described as ICONIC … who embodies traits of a strategic and selfless leader, focused on the transformation of lives in their sphere of influence through a shared passion, while guided by a prodigious lifetime of overwhelming tangible results and achievements not attained by many. These people we only experience once in a Generation.

Donald Hugh James… ‘Danny James’, ‘Danny’ or ‘JAHMEZ’, to the members of the Jamaica Hockey Federation (JHF) family, was unquestionable a once in a Generation human being. His triumph of ‘AGAPE’ still echoes and reverberates in our Fraternity’s consciousness and his teachings, thoughts and unselfish deeds will continue to live in our hearts, minds and souls.

“The fatherly love for God and Humans…”

It is unlikely that the JHF, the local Sporting Fraternity or indeed Jamaica will again be blessed by the cosmos with a man that wrote such a inimitable lifetime script such as ‘Danny James’ … who was without doubt, an exceptionally talented field hockey and multisport athlete; a scholar; a brilliant coach/teacher; a philosopher; and above all, an example of a man that exhibited humility and class, anchored by an unwavering ethical moral compass and a seriously demonstrated love for his fellow man, fully experienced by the Hockey Family.

A talented Multisport Athlete & Exceptional Field Hockey Player

Danny James was a multitalented athlete who had the distinction of representing the National teams at the senior level in both Hockey and Football (under the first Brazilian Coach Jorge Penna). He also represented Jamaica in the first schoolboy Cricket tournament in Barbados and Trinidad in the 1960s, along with other schoolboy players who later represented the West Indies (Maurice Foster, Rudolph Cohen).

Despite his exceptional talent in the other sporting disciplines, Danny’s love was Field Hockey. He first represented Jamaica in field hockey in 1959 as a 15-year-old schoolboy in a series involving Trinidad and Guyana, scoring 13 goals in 13 games, during the 14 day tournament. He was called the “Baby of the team,” in a report that described him as “having dazzling stick work” when he scored four goals in one of the games.

As a senior player, Danny participated in three (3) Pan American Hockey Championships and three (3) Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games. He also participated in numerous friendly games against other Caribbean teams and Germany, as well as a tri-nation tournament with Trinidad and Barbados in 1962.

Indeed, for a man whose seminal origins as a hockey whiz began at his own alma mater, Excelsior High School at 14 years old in the school league, his eventual involvement and abiding loyalty and successes with the Munro College Old Boys Hockey Club desires mention! He ended up playing for the Club close to 50 years until 2006, en route to playing more games in the league than anyone else to date.

The Coach, Scholar and Teacher

Based on his high level of exposure in the Game, it was only natural that Danny sought to become a coach. In his illustrious coaching career, he coached and taught field hockey at all levels, i.e., high school, collegiate, clubs and at the national levels. Danny also represented Jamaica and the hockey fraternity as a Technical Director, National Coach Developer/Trainer and served as Chairman of the Development Committee. Always willing to work at a moment’s notice for the betterment of the Sport and its throng of young people, unselfishly, with no financial returns, he craved to motivate and assist with their overall development through the game. For the growth of the game, he also created the first community hockey tournament in Garveymeade in the 1980s, aimed at community outreach for the sport. The tournament later became a fixture on the JHF Hockey Calendar during the 1980s.

It is noteworthy that he was the first Caribbean person to be trained at the International Hockey Federation (FIH) Advanced Level of Coaching, in Holland, after he was selected from a group of 40 coaches that attended a coaching seminar in Mexico. He further went on to participate in many other coaching programs in the world and shared unselfishly the knowledge he had obtained over the many years.

Danny’s love for the Game, and service to the Hockey Federation saw him utilizing his combined scholastic and coaching experiences to develop the first Field Hockey Development Program Manual in Jamaica that focused on establishing: “A Hockey Philosophy for Jamaica’s National Teams”.

Danny’s scholarly credentials were on full display for the utility of his Hockey Family. An accomplished multitalented sportsman who had a successful career as a highly respected Industrial/Chemical Engineer, he was highly capably in the application of management techniques for business improvements. He also contributed as member of the Team, including Dr. Muggy Graham, Ray Barrett and Ronnie Nasralla, that prepared the Business and Marketing Plan for the Reggae Boys “Road to France and Beyond” World Cup in 1998 qualification. So while focused on his time-consuming work, he still found time to guide and offer council on adapted systematic improvement processes for the betterment of sports and its management.

The Philosopher – “The fatherly love for God and Humans…”

In his usual thoughtful, quiet, pensive, respectful and unwavering posture, Danny James preached that at the center of all we do, especially as leaders, the love for mankind, particularly our wider hockey family, and its resultant multiplier effects must be standard. His focus on helping all with growth, consciousness and maturation, particularly the youth of our hockey family, through various channels of the sport was unparalleled.


An icon of the Field Hockey Fraternity…..Danny James’ life journey was penned from a once in generation multi- sport athleticism, a sound moral fabric, family centric values, and the love and commitment showed to all including members of his extended Hockey Family. His wisdom and guidance will certainly be missed, but his stellar contribution to our sport and the lives he touched will never ever be forgotten.

The Board of Directors of the Jamaica Hockey Federation, the President and other senior members of the Pan American Hockey Federation, and our wider hockey family and friends in the region, wish to convey our deepest sympathies to Danny’s immediate family for the transition of a true Jamaican field Hockey icon, a servant leader of the field hockey community and beloved friend to us all.

Walk Good and Rest in Peace now Danny James

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Tribute: Kathleen “Kay” Wilson on her 100th Birday

On Kay’s 100th Birthday April 5, 2021, we salute a consummate Icon, a Phenomenal Woman – Kathleen Dorothea Wilson.

Kathleen Dorothea Wilson, affectionately called Kay or ‘Willo’ was the second President of the former Jamaica Women’s Hockey Association (JWHA), now the Jamaica Hockey Federation (JHF).

Kay was a founding member of the Cecelio Hockey Club, the oldest hockey Club in Jamaica. She has the distinction of being the longest serving president of the JWHA with her tenure spanning 1970 – 79 and 1983 – 1986.

Her distinguished playing career commenced on a phenomenal note in 1956 when, on being capped for the first time, she was also appointed team Manager to the inaugural Caribbean Triangular Tournament held in Trinidad & Tobago. She went on to play and manage national teams of 1962, 1963 and 1964. At age 46, Kay ended her vintage national playing career and immediately donned her administrative hat. She plunged full-time into the business of sports administration serving the Council as Honorary Treasurer and second Vice President, before being elected President in 1970.

Between 1970 and 1971, Kay focussed her efforts on acquiring the premises on Mona Road as the headquarters for the Association. It was not unusual to see Kay watering and weeding the field late at nights and early in the mornings. By 1977, two (2) full hockey pitches were well-established on the property along with our very own Club house. This was no small feat as no other national Association had its own grounds back then. Today the property is still the centre for hockey in Jamaica and the headquarters of the Jamaica Hockey Federation (JHF), which was formed through an amalgamation of the former JWHA & Jamaica Men’s Hockey Association (JMHA).

The Jamaica hockey family thanks Kay for her unwavering optimism and her refusal to bow to the many detractors and obstacles along the way. She had a vision of what the JWHA could accomplish and dedicated herself to making this a reality. Her motto was “forward ever, backward never’. Many of Kay’s objectives for the JWHA were realized during her tenure, including bringing a number of international coaches to Jamaica and ensuring that both players and local coaches benefited from these visits. This, without a doubt, led to many fine performances of Jamaica Women’s hockey teams over the years and the sharing of regional dominance for a long time with Trinidad & Tobago. While touring with national teams, Kay was always ready to participate in the fun and showed a great sense of humour even in the face of being the object of team’s mischievous pranks. She showed infinite patience even when confronted with flippant behaviours by those she mentored and continued to groom and encourage them, ensuring that the next g
eneration of hockey administrators would have a solid foundation. Those who have had the privilege of travelling with Mrs Wilson to Congress, Games or other such events have watched her in action in absolute awe.

Mrs Wilson’s tenure as an Executive, Technical Official and an Administrator spanned not only local involvement but international as well, she distinguished herself in the Technical field serving as Delegate, Juror of Appeal and Council member at many major international Tournaments. A highlight of her career as a Delegate of the International Federation of Women’s Hockey Associations (IFWHA) was successfully bringing a motion to the International Council which resulted in South Africa being barred from all IFWHA and subsequent FIH Tournaments due to their stance on apartheid.

The numerous links Kay forged and the respect that she earned on the international circuit secured a place of prominence for Women’s Hockey in Jamaica among the international hockey fraternity. It is no wonder that in recognition of her knowledge of and dedication to sports administration that she was called upon to serve on numerous local Committees, Boards and Foundations such as the Carreras Sports Foundation (now RJR Sports Foundation), the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) and the G.C. Foster College of Physical Education & Sports, to name just a few.

In recognition of Kay’s phenomenal service to the sport of hockey she was bestowed Honorary Life Member status of the Jamaica Women’s Hockey Association on September 20, 1990. Kathleen, ‘Kay’, ‘Willo’, ‘Wilson’, remains a pioneer, an icon, a strong uncompromising, undaunted, determined, yet fun loving woman who is forever open to new experiences. She especially loved touring and have made many life-long friends around the Globe. She is a mixer, a militant, ‘an international’ and ultimately a mentor and role model for us. She will forever be a true Champion of Women in sports.

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Colin Prince

Tribute – Colin Prince

Tribute – Colin Prince


Colin PrinceColin Prince was an Accountant by profession and a person that gave a high standard of voluntary ‘service above self’ to the Jamaica Hockey Federation (JHF), its extended hockey family, as well as, the Pan American Hockey Federation (PAHF) for over 40 years. He was a national junior representative, and a foundation member of the Circus Circle Hockey Team. However, he will remembered as an astute, stylish and confident umpire who exhibited exemplary performances at the local and international levels.

Based on his consistent desire to improve and be amongst the best officials in the region, he was awarded his Federation of International Hockey (FIH) Grade 1 Umpire designation at the age of 29 years. His tenure as a Grade 1 umpire and subsequent international exposure allowed him to become one of Jamaica’s most decorated and respected umpires regionally. Based on his well-earned professional reputation, he officiated in some of the largest field hockey festivals and tournaments in the Pan American region. These, inter alia, included a number of Pan American Games (PANAM), Central American and Caribbean Games (CAC), Regional Games and Banks International Festivals in Barbados, until his retirement in 1998.

His umpiring appointments have included:

  • 1998 CAC Games, Venezuela
  • 1995 Panam Games, Argentina (Mar Del Plata)
  • 1991 Panam Games, Cuba
  • 1988 Junior Panam Games, Trinidad
  • 1986 CAC Games, Mexico
  • Banks Festival (Barbados)

Colin’s retirement from international duties as an umpire saw him focusing his attention on the development of the Game and the mentorship of the next generation of Jamaican field hockey umpires. A few under his influence and guidance have embarked on their own international umpiring career as recent as 2018.

While Colin Prince is well known for his achievements as an international umpire, his above average knowledge of other critical levels of the sport were demonstrated by his tenure in coaching and playing at the local level. He was appointed an Assistant Coach of the Jamaica Men’s team to the 2006 CAC Games held in Puerto, and has served as a national selector to several other teams. At the local level with Circus Circle, he was a club captain, as club coach (Circus Circle & the Jamaica Defense Force – JDF), both competition champions during his tenure. He was also involved in many coaching and umpiring seminars, as well as, field hockey outreach programs across Jamaica.

Colin Prince lived a life governed by high moral and ethical standards on and off the hockey pitch. He was always punctual, prepared and very positive in his approach to tasks and challenges. It was easy to appreciate his objectivity and astute umpiring decisions based on his quiet, stoic demeanor and British-style wit. Collin’s quiet confidence is best summed up by a quote from Mohammed Ali: “it’s not bragging if you can back it up.”

The Board of Directors, Jamaica Hockey Federation, Board of Directors of the Barbados Hockey Federation, the President and other senior members of the Pan American Hockey Federation, and our wider hockey family and friends in the region wish to convey our deepest sympathies for the passing of a true stalwart and servant of the field hockey community and a friend to us all.

We are also expressing our condolences to his family and son, Chad Prince, and trust that Colin’s legacy and respect throughout the region will provide some comfort during these difficult times.

Walk Good Our Friend and Rest in Peace

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